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61st Anniversary of the Leyte Gulf Landings

MacArthur Landing Memorial National Park

Palo, Leyte

20 October 2005

Ladies and gentlemen:

Sixty-one years ago, General Douglas MAcArthur fulfilled a promise. He returned to the Philippines exactly two years, seven months, and nine days after he left Corregidor.

For Filipino and American soldiers who were waiting in the islands, the news of General MAcArthur’s return was a cause for celebration.

The Leyte Landings

But the Leyte landing was important not only because American ships brought back a huge army to HELP DEFEND OUR COUNTRY. It was more than a landing of soldiers and war machines. it signaled the return of hope in our land.

Among those who waded ashore with General MAcArthur at this historic place was Sergio Osmena Sr., President of the Philippine Commonwealth and general carlos p. romulo. President Osmena had succeeded President Quezon after the latter died of tuberculosis while he was in Australia. President Osmena’s return marked the re-establishment of the Philippine government in the country and rekindled the dreams of independence in the minds and hearts of Filipinos.

Fighting a New War

Today, we are back in the same spot in the province of Leyte where the great American General returned with our great Filipino leaders. Today we commemorate their historic arrival.

Yet, while we recall this glorious event of the past, we can not avoid looking at the present and realize that we, too, are in the midst of another war.

We are now faced with a war on two fronts.

First, we are fighting the war against poverty. Every worker who loses his job, every woman who is forced to sell her body to strangers, every child who ends up begging in our streets—they are all casualties of war. We can not have too many of them. This is why our government and all its instrumentalities have been working double-time in the anti-poverty program.

Second, we are fighting the war against terrorism. we have joined the entire global community in the struggle against the evil brought about by terrorism. but while we take comfort in the support of friendly nations like the united states, the fight against terror is indeed a terrain that many of us are unfamiliar with. How do we fight a force that thrives on threat? How do we defeat an enemy with no face, and yet remains as deadly as an army of battle-tested soldiers?

Perseverance and Hope

My friends, the war against poverty and terrorism will not be won by superior arms, but rather by a superior spirit.

It is in this aspect where both the American and Filipino people can never be defeated. We both believe in democracy, in equality among men, and in enabling every person to achieve his full potential. These are very powerful principles—stronger than the forces that brought poverty and terrorism in our midst.

The United States has been our ally in the past as we pursued these ideals. I am confident that we will continue to work together in conquering poverty and terrorism in the future.

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