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04 May 2006



The Supreme Court’s decision was a fair and balanced resolution of the issues concerning PP1017. 

The SC weighed thoroughly the powers of the State against the corresponding rights of its citizens.  In upholding the authority of the Chief Executive to issue PP1017, the SC sustained the right of the State to defend and preserve democratic institutions.  However, the High Tribunal upheld the primacy of the Constitutional rights of the people against warrantless arrests and seizure, to peaceably assemble, and protect the fundamental freedom of the press and free speech.

Being a veteran broadcast journalist myself, I laud the SC for recognizing the importance of protecting the civil liberties of the people specially the freedom of the press.  The media, deemed as the 4th Estate, is an essential element to our society as they best protect the welfare of the people against injustices and abuse of power. 

With this ruling though, we must now observe the parameters laid down by the Supreme Court so that the powers of government can be exercised without violating the constitutional rights of the people.
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