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If imminent threat to national security no longer exists                                         VP NOLI: STUDY LIFTING OF PP 1017

01 March  2006

Consistent with his earlier statement that a state of national emergency is justified for as long as there is an imminent threat to national security, Vice President Noli ‘Kabayan’ De Castro called for the lifting of Presidential Proclamation No. 1017. 

The Vice President said that from his personal observation of the current situation, PP 1017 may no longer be necessary as the emergency no longer exists.

He pointed out that the security alert levels had been downgraded, and that whatever emergency the country faced, it had come to pass last weekend.  

Sa personal kong obserbasyon, ang sinasabing emergency ay lumipas na nung nakaraang lingo. Ang sitwasyon ng bansa ay parang isang pasyente sa emergency room.  Kapag nagstabilize na ang kondisyon ng pasyente, dapat na siyang alisin sa ER at ilipat sa ordinaryong kuwarto.  

But De Castro pointed out that the final decision would still come from the President who gets classified information on the security situation of the country.

This information, for security reasons, is not available to the public and even to high public officials.  The Vice President added that he continues to respect the power and prerogative of the President to take whatever measure is necessary for the best interest of the Filipino people.                                                                                             HOME | back-to-top

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