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As PET starts recount

12 November 2005

Results from the start of the recount ordered by the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), in the ongoing electoral protest of defeated Vice Presidential candidate Loren Legarda, showed Vice President Noli “Kabayan” de Castro’s lead widening over Legarda.  As seen from the recount of the original copy of the election returns coming from Congress, which former Senator Legarda herself suggested be tabulated, the Vice President has a wider lead over the former Senator.

Regarding the claim of the Legarda camp that the election was marred by widespread anomalies, Atty. Armando Marcelo of the Andres, Marcelo, Padernal, Guerrero and Paras Law Offices, legal counsel of the Vice President, clarified that: “If there was any fraud or discrepancy in the last national elections, it was to the prejudice of the Vice President.

In any event, the Vice President appealed to all parties to respect the highest court’s proceedings until it finally resolves the protest. “Let us spare the public from any misinformation and disinformation. Having recognized the supreme authority of the PET on the matter, let us allow the constitutional and legal processes to take their legitimate courses,” added De Castro.

Atty. Marcelo remained confident that after all has been said and done, the PET will confirm what everybody already knows: that the Honorable Noli “Kabayan” de Castro is the duly elected Vice President of the Republic.                                                                                             HOME | back-to-top

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