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Stable oil prices and more investments are important to RP

13 September 2005

Vice President Noli ‘Kabayan’ De Castro led government officials last night in sending off President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as she embarks on a historic journey to New York City to represent the entire Filipino nation in a meeting of world leaders to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the United Nations (UN).

The trip of President Arroyo is doubly historic as she will likewise represent the Philippines in presiding over the UN Security Council, the highest and most powerful organ of the international organization. The UN Security Council is poised to take up significant matters such as rising oil prices and terrorism.  The President will also seek to encourage business leaders to prop up investments and jobs in the Philippines.

“I wish the President all the best and I encourage all Filipinos to support her as she represents our country and each one of us in this gathering of world leaders. At this time when the world’s spotlight will shine on the Philippines as we preside over the powerful UN Security Council, it would be to the best interest of the country if we transcend our differences and present a united front to the entire world,” the Vice President remarked.

“With the technological advances we have seen lately, it is indeed very possible for the President to still handle the reins of government even if she is half-way around the globe,” De Castro pointed out.

Nonetheless, President Arroyo has designated Vice President de Castro as caretaker of the government. The President will not be back until September 17.

“The President has designated me as caretaker and I will do just that. I will take good and proper care of the country while the President is away. That includes ensuring that the bureaucracy is running properly, the laws are faithfully executed, peace and order is maintained throughout the country and the democratic rights and freedom of everyone is respected,” the Vice President said.

“Hindi naman ito ang unang biyahe ni Pangulong Arroyo at hindi rin ito ang unang pagkakataon na ako ay kanyang itinalaga bilang “caretaker”. I will work closely with the President’s senior advisers headed by Executive Secretary Ermita in making sure that the President’s day-to-day programs are not disrupted simply because she is away on a very important travel,” the Vice President added.

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