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28 July 2005

Vice President and concurrent chairman of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council Noli “Kabayan” De Castro set out yesterday the housing programs designed to answer the primary shelter needs of local government units.

In his speech delivered at the 2nd LGU-Private Sector Housing Conference of the CREBA Social Housing Foundation Inc. (CSHFI), social arm of Chamber of Real Estate and Builders Association (CREBA), held at the Philippine Trade Training Center, De Castro cited the HUDCC plans, foremost of which is the Pag-IBIG Fund’s LGU Housing Loan Program. This program aims to provide LGUs with the necessary financial support and assistance at affordable terms to fast-track the development and implementation of housing projects in their respective localities.

De Castro also noted that HUDCC also tapped Official Development Assistance (ODA) to assist cities/lgus to improve their capacities in providing essential infrastructure and basic services to their constituents.

“Kasama na riyan ang pagdaragdag ng kaalaman at kakayahan ng mga city administrators at city planners.  Ilan sa mga ODA projects na ito ay ang “Development Of Poor Urban Communities Sector Project” sa ilalim ng Asian Development Bank, “Cities Without Slum Initiative” sa ilalim ng Cities Alliance, at ang “Metro Manila Urban Services For The Poor Project” sa ilalim pa rin ng Asian Development Bank.”

Moreover, De Castro declared the policies and programs successfully undertaken by HUDCC among which were: 1) making the housing sector “investment friendly” by batting for the VAT exemption of houses valued at Php 2 million; 2) responding to the housing needs of the informal sector thru various cost effective shelter programs such as micro finance, public rental lease/purchase and shared ownership among others; 3) strengthening the capacity of housing agencies thru improved  financial management, enhanced collection efficiency, established a more organized and immediate disposition of non-performing loans and assets and seek transparency in all transactions of the housing agencies; 4) propping up the capacity of LGUs to enhance its housing services by establishing local housing boards, and faster processing of housing permits and licenses.


De Castro assured the public that despite all the political noise, HUDCC, under his charge, would not be distracted in their single-minded commitment to promote a strong, vibrant, and effective housing sector.

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