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July 1, 2005

From housing, the government’s lead shelter agency will now go into weddings as well.

This was revealed by Vice President Noli De Castro, chairman of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC), as he witnessed the wedding of 95 couples at the historic Barasoain Church in Malolos, Bulacan.

De Castro stood as godfather to the couples, all residents of the communities along the North Rail line in Malolos that will all be demolished soon to make way for the rehabilitation and modernization of the railway system.

According to the Vice President, HUDCC discovered that one of the problems encountered by the National Housing Authority (NHA) in processing and identifying the relocation beneficiaries is the lack of marriage licenses of many cohabiting couples among the railway settlers.

“Some of you may not have the money, or the time to arrange your own wedding. That is why we immediately supported the idea of having a mass wedding when it was presented to us,” he said.

He disclosed that the idea was first raised by Fr. Dennis Espejo, Chairman of the Commission on Service of the Malolos Diocese, for the railway settlers of Malolos.

He added that HUDCC has decided to coordinate with concerned groups to conduct similar mass weddings for the other communities along the Bulacan segment of North Rail.

“This will now be part of our relocation program for North Rail,” he said.

Aside from facilitating the relocation process, De Castro stressed that marriage is important in strengthening the bond between a couple, “as it bestows divine blessing on your partnership.”

He compared getting married to having secure shelter tenure.

“As you secure your life together through the bond of marriage, so is the government securing your family’s future through formal home ownership. This is the deeper objective of the North Rail resettlement program, which was formulated with your participation,” he said.                                                                                   HOME | back-to-top  

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