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A symbol of true Filipino chivalry
07 June 2005


VICE-President Noli ‘Kabayan’ De Castro strongly encouraged everyone to embark on a campaign to support the preservation and propagation of endangered natural resources of the country such as the Philippine eagle (Pithecopa Jefferyi) and the remaining rainforests, among others.


At the launching of the Philippine Eagle Week, spearheaded by the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) at the Gateway Mall in Cubao, Quezon City, Vice President De Castro intimated that he strongly believes that the coming generations richly deserve to enjoy and benefit from the country’s natural resources in the same way that we who came before them enjoyed and benefited.


With this aim in mind, the Vice President reminded his audience that no matter how high or low one’s status is in either the private or public sector, one can do his share in the crusade for the preservation of the environment and natural resources.


On a personal note, Vice President De Castro reiterated his continuous support for all the efforts for the protection and propagation of the Philippine Eagle despite the tragic accidental death of his adopted eaglet and namesake Kabayan last January 8, 2005.


The Vice President admitted that he was terribly saddened with the tragic ending that befell his adopted eagle for it was the first to be released into the wilds after more than two years in captivity but this misfortune only served to encourage him to intensify his support in PEF’s efforts


Ang Philippine Eagle ang sagisag ng buong katapangan ng mga Pilipino sa ating hangaring alagaan at pagyamanin ang mga nanganganib na likas na kayamanan ng bansa gaya ng mg agilang Pilipino at mga natitirang kagubatan. 


The Vice President believes that, like him, each one has a role to do in the preservation of world-class national treasures like the Philippine eagle.                                                                                             HOME | back-to-top

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