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To alleviate plight of gov’t workers
12  April  2005

With the continuing uncertainties brought about by the increase in prices of oil and basic commodities, Vice-President Noli ‘Kabayan’ De Castro expressed his full support for the proposal to provide government employees with transportation allowance to cushion the effect of the shrinking purchasing power of the public servant’s earnings.

In expressing support for the proposal, the Vice President made it clear that he does not wish to preempt the eventual decision of the body tasked to undertake studies for the viability of the subsidy.

Sa gitna ng mga hiling sa dagag na sahod ng mga kawani ng pamahalaan at kakulangan sa pondo para dito, ang paglalaan ng transport allowance ay magandang umpisa upang maibsan ang paghihirap ng ating mga naglilingkod bayan.

Along this line, Vice President De Castro also called on the private sector to also study the feasibility of providing a similar transport subsidy to assist their employees who would not be given corresponding salary increases at this time. He also echoed the earlier statement of President Arroyo that tax incentives may be given to companies that would provide transport subsidy to their employees.

The Vice President believes that private companies should show their concern for the plight of their employees and avoid being labeled insensitive to the difficulties everybody currently experiencing.

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