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VP Noli to CEU graduates
Serve Motherland
18 March 2005

VICE-President Noli ‘Kabayan’ De Castro yesterday urged new graduates of Centro Escolar University (CEU) to consider practicing their profession and applying their skills, and talents in the country instead of going abroad.

Speaking before CEU officials, graduating students and their proud parents during the school’s commencement exercises yesterday at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), De Castro said the country badly needs the services of its own citizens during this time of economic difficulties.

Though he did not discourage the graduates from finding greener pastures in foreign lands, De Castro sought to awaken their sense of nationalism by reminding them that nothing is greater than serving their own fellowmen and using their knowledge and capabilities to help move the nation forward.

And in serving the motherland, De Castro further urged the CEU graduates to be either entrepreneurs or experts in their chosen fields.  The Vice President pointed out that this was the successful approach adopted 40 years ago in the now progressive Singapore.

Knowing the important role of educational institutions in molding students into productive citizens, De Castro also lauded CEU for producing thousands of  professionals who are now excelling fields, such as dentistry, business, computer science and information technology.

De Castro noted that there are about 44,000 licensed dentists in the country but only 20,000 of them are active. “I’m glad that many of these practicing dentists came from CEU,” he said.

CEU students who finished computer courses are gaining success in the field of technology.  As proof, they are recognized by leading companies in the information and communications technology sector like Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Globe and PLDT, he added.

Amidst the difficulties, De Castro said the challenge for the new graduates is to strive for excellence, adding that the only way to succeed is through hard work and perseverance.

“It is my hope that you will elevate the caliber of our professionals through your attained knowledge. You must be at the forefront of our nation’s struggle for progress. I exhort you to remain dedicated to the service of our country,” he said. (end)                                                                                             HOME | back-to-top

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